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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sickos in Sick Visits

Phillip Messing


Serial killers rarely keep their victims at burial grounds but those that do tend to visit the makeshift bone-yards on a regular basis, a top expert on the subject said yesterday.

The person believed to have killed four women on Long Island likely left their remains along a deserted beach so he could privately revel in his gruesome handiwork.

He has personally placed those bodies there with the hope that they would not be discovered, while affording him the opportunity to go back there and relive the event, said Vernon Geberth, a former Bronx detective commander who has written extensively on serial killers.

Geberth said that of the 301 mass murderers he had studied, only five left the bodies at a burial ground.


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Thursday, December 16, 2010

John Marzulli


Vernon Geberth, a retired NYPD homicide commander, whose textbooks are considered investigation bibles, said he has no doubt a serial killer is at work.

I believe the guy is local, familiar with that location, and had returned to the burial ground to relive the murders for sexual gratification, Geberth said, Hes in a panic state now that the bodies were found, but hell kill again.