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Dr. Barbara Wolf, M.D., Forensic Pathologist

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Barbara C. Wolf, M.D., of Leesburg, FL combines the roles of doctor, scientist and detective in her job as a forensic pathologist - hands-on, round-the-clock work that involves everything from performing autopsies to providing expert testimony in child abuse cases.

Dr. Wolf is a Phi Beta Kappa and Alpha Omega Alpha graduate from Boston University's Six-Year Program in Liberal Arts and Medical Education. She began her career in forensic pathology in Upstate New York where she started a private consulting practice providing forensic pathology services to law enforcement, coroners, district attorneys. defense attorneys, child protective services and other members of the criminal justice system. Additionally, in 1999, Dr. Wolf joined the Medicolegal Investigation Unit of the New York State Police, serving as the Director of Forensic Medicine until she relocated to Florida in 2001. She is currently the Interim District Medical Examiner for Florida's District 5, covering five counties in central Florida. She is also the forensic pathologist for Florida's Child Abuse Death Review Committee, and lectures throughout the country on the medicolegal evaluation of cases of suspected child abuse.

Dr. Wolf has also gained national and international exposure from a number of high profile cases. In 1991, she was involved in the exhumation of Medgar Evers, the civil rights leader who was slain in Jackson, Miss. In 1963. In 1995, she was involved in the exhumation of the bodies of five children from one family in Tioga County, New York, who were presumed to have died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) between 1965-1971. The re-evaluation of these deaths led to the conviction of the mother for the suffocation of the infants. In 1994, she joined the highly regarded team of experts working on the O.J. Simpson double homicide case in Los Angeles. Dr. Wolf has also worked with a group of other forensic scientists in Croatia and Bosnia to assist in the identification of the remains in mass human graves that had been uncovered in areas previously controlled by opposing armies. She subsequently testified before the U.S. Congress' Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe (Helsinki Commission) about the group's findings.

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