PHI Instructor Biography:

Andrea Zaferes, BA Forensic Aquatic-Death Investigator

Forensic Aquatic-Death Investigator & Expert Witness
Medicolegal Investigator
Homicidal Drowning Investigation
Team Lifeguard Systems, Inc.

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Andrea Zaferes serves as a medicolegal investigator for Dutchess County in New York State. She is also Vice President of Lifeguard Systems Inc. and RIPTIDE Inc. Ms. Zaferes serves as a course director and instructor trainer and is a well published author and noted public speaker and award winner, As a program designer, Andrea Zeferes is one of the leading trainers in the international water rescue and recovery industries today.

Andrea graduated from University of Michigan with a BA in Psychology and has completed numerous courses in basic death investigation and is a graduate of the Master's Conference in Death Investigation, St Louis University. Andrea has been certified in numerous states and has been presenting forensic training since 1999 throughout the United States and Canada. She has also taught in Puerto Rico, Asia, The Caribbean and Costa Rica.

Andrea Zaferes has investigated and worked on more than 30 scuba accident and fatality lawsuits and has consulted on more than 150 water related death cases. She is an Expert Legal Witness for diving and other water-related incidents and assists law enforcement in homicidal drowning investigations.

Andrea Zaferes has published extensively in both journal articles and textbooks and has over 100 publications based on her research and experience.