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Suspension of Practical Homicide Investigations® Seminars & Presentations due to Woke and Cancel Culture
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I have received many inquiries about future Practical Homicide Investigation® programs. This is a message to all of my friends and colleagues, who throughout the last 40 years have had the experience of participating in any of my PHI programs.

What made this program so successful was that it was real and brutally honest. We actually saw and heard through media visuals the evil that people do. I was able to characterize offenders by their behaviors and actions and make predictable assumptions about "typologies" without concern about political correctness or the supposed sensitivities of a generation of spoiled malcontents. I had the ability to describe tactics, procedures and forensic techniques, which could be used to identify and neutralize offenders. However, today in this current environment these very same tactics could be deemed as offensive or racist by the "woke" folks.

The term "Racist" has taken on a new and dangerous meaning. If you disagree with the radical Left or "Woke People" you are called a racist and are cancelled through social media.

Those of you who know me understand that I refuse to change or alter the content of my Practical Homicide Investigation® program or surrender to that threat. What can't be cancelled is the published information I have taught. The tactics, procedures and forensic techniques as well as the clinical perspectives that are in my textbooks and professional publications will remain the same because human behavior doesn't change. I will continue to offer these textbooks at my author's discount to my brother and sister law enforcement professionals.

I will not risk my professional reputation of over 50 years in law enforcement with all of the many academic and practiced accomplishments only to be criticized and/or "cancelled" by people not qualified nor worthy to have served in our honorable profession. If radical socialists are able to cancel the President of the United States, just think what they can do to everyday citizens.

I always was, am and will continue to be a "Patriot." I always began my programs with The National Anthem and a Prayer. As I started to get blowback from certain areas of the country from that, I could see the handwriting on the wall. I've always been pretty astute at recognizing threats and evaluating threat assessment. I managed to successfully teach over 74,000 professional law enforcement investigators without incident. Going forward, I have decided to suspend my PHI programs. I will not allow the cancel culture to malign my reputation through cowardly social media attacks and/or false innuendo.

Sadly, in my professional opinion, we are witnessing in our society today is the ultimate battle between Good and Evil. May God help us, and I pray to Michael the Archangel to shield our law enforcement officers as they "Protect and Serve" in the face of adversity.

Lt. Cmdr. (Ret.) Vernon J. Geberth, M.S., M.P.S.

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"Remember, We work for God."®