By John Eligon, Vivian Yee, and Matt Furber             July 22, 2017



Edited for brevity.  In my professional opinion, this was a Bad Shooting incident.


In Minneapolis, Unusual Police Killing Raises an Old Outcry: Why?

MINNEAPOLIS — There was something bad going on in the alleyway behind the house, she told her fiancé on the phone, someone who sounded as if she was in distress, maybe a rape. It was past 11 p.m., and most people on Washburn Avenue were furled in their beds.

The events of the next few minutes will be anatomized and argued over and, maybe, at some point, contested in court. But this much is established: as the squad car she had summoned slid down the alley, Justine Damond went up to the police officers inside, one of whom, for reasons still unknown, fired his gun, hit her in the abdomen and killed her.





Mohamed Noor.jpg


Officer Mohamed Noor, was the first Somali officer in the Minneapolis Police Department.

His arrival had been highly celebrated, particularly by the Somali community.

Office of Police Conduct Review reveal some details about Noor's background. They show that Noor has had three complaints against him.

Justine Damond

Mohamed Noor


Police officer Harrity was driving, Noor was in the passenger seat. When Ms. Damond came up to the driver’s open window, the officers were startled by a loud noise. Officer Noor fired past his partner through the window, killing Ms. Damond.

What made this shooting particularly bizarre, to veteran police officers, was that Officer Noor fired at close range past his partner. Many officers would be furious or unnerved if a partner shot across them in any situation short of being attacked, said Vernon J. Geberth, a former New York City police commander and the author of “Practical Homicide Investigation,” a widely used textbook.

The officer’s partner might well be thinking, “You could’ve shot my head off,” Mr. Geberth said.