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Friday July 3, 2015    By Gillian Kleiman and Philip Messing  July 2, 2015 | 10:46pm

Police Academy grads join the (longtime) Family business


Their blood runs blue.


Two rookie cops who graduated from the Police Academy on Thursday hail from a long line of New York’s Finest — four generations in one officer’s case, and three in the other.


Michael Incantalupo, 23, of Astoria was joined at Madison Square Garden by father Michael and grandfather Anthony — both retired cops — and other relatives.

“I’m just happy to be here. I’ve always wanted to follow in my dad’s and grandfather’s footsteps. I always wanted to join, and nothing’s going to change that. It’s a new thing, a journey into the unknown. I can’t wait,” said Michael, who will wear his dad’s shield.

His proud pop said his determined son even underwent eye surgery to make sure he’d be eligible. “He fought for this. He wanted it more than anything. He had problems with his eyes he had to get fixed. This kid went through hell to get here,” Michael Sr. said.


Thomas NYPD Graduation.jpg

Thomas Geberth, 21, graduated in front of his dad, Vernon A. Geberth and grandad, Vernon J., both retired homicide cops. Thomas, of Rockland County, said he had wanted to be a police officer “since I was a kid. Absolutely no second-thoughts.” He added, “It’s in your blood.”













Thomas Geberth is joined by his father Vernon A. Geberth (left) and grandfather Vernon J. Geberth, making three generations of NYPD officers.             

Photo: Paul Martinka