The "Dean of Homicide Detectives" Lt. Vernon Geberth (NYPD- Ret) has been banned by Ray Kelly from passing his knowledge to present day Detectives. If you don't know Vernon Geberth, he was the Commmanding Officer of the Bronx Homicide Squad ($26277) and has wrote several books for investigators, one of them is considered the bible for homicide investigators, "Practical Homicide Investigation, Tactics, Procedures, and Forensic Techniques" (ISBN#0-8493-8156-8).

I have my own copy from when I attended the two week Homicide School. Lt. Geberth has passed his knowledge not only to the NYPD but to city, state, federal, and other nation's law enorcement personell as well. He is a professional consultant and has worked on high profile cases like the Jon Benet Ramsey case. I personally like the man because of his total dedication to his vocation. I'll never forget first meeting him he played a tape of Whitney Houston singing the Star Spangled Banner, while we all stood with our hands over our hearts. He also gave us, "The Oath of Practical Homicide Investigation" which in part states, "DEATH INVESTIGATION CONSTITUTES A HEAVY RESPONSIBILITY AND AS SUCH, LET NO PERSON DETER YOU FROM THE TRUTH AND YOUR OWN PERSONAL COMMITMENT TO SEE THAT JUSTICE IS DONE. NOT ONLY FOR THE DECEASED, BUT FOR THE FAMILY AS WELL.
-Lt. Commander Vernon Geberth NYPD ret

You have to respect and admire the man for his dedication and passion. I know I do, but I guess that's lost on Ray Kelly. You see, Ray Kelly is mad at Lt. Geberth, because Lt. Geberth had the audacity to question why Mary Kate Olsen was not questioned in the death of Heath Ledger. I myself thought it wierd, since she was called first and sent her 'bodyguards' over to the scene. If it were any of my cases as a matter of standard operating procedure I would have spoke to her and the guards to get what they know whether it's an accident, suicide or homicide.

Lt. Geberth questioned that publicly, so now Ray Kelly, because his judgement was questioned, has barred Lt. Geberth from passing on his knowledge (which he does for free, gratis, nada). So once again for petty, childish reasons, detectives get the short shrift. I can say with absolute confidence, that Lt. Geberth has probably forgotten more about police work than Ray Kelly ever knew. But that does not matter to Ray. Someone publicly spoke out and must be silenced. And of course the Detective Bureau takes the hit because Ray Kelly had a hissy fit over someone questioning his authority.
My guess is something did get thrown out of Ledgers apartment and Olsens "bodyguards", probably some retired boss made a phone call to Kelly.

What's telling in this is had this been a simple misstep, because someone could have still went and questioned her, Kelly would have merely corrected it if anything. The fact that he has barred Lt. Geberth speaks volumes. Kelly clearly does not want criticism of the decision not to interview Olsen because he endorsed it. I think it's time for Kelly to step down. I don't understand how celebrities now get a pass from the NYPD. This is an egregious ommission. What other favors will Kelly give to these people??? If a cop has a run in with a film star, are they going to be able to make a phone call and make it 'go away'?

And why must the Detective Bureau suffer? Why has Ray Kelly allowed his 'hurt feelings' to make a decision not in the best interest of training detectives in the fine art of homicide investigation. This shows how much Ray Kelly's ego gets in the way of making critical decisions in keeping good order in the NYPD. Fire him now!!!!