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Practical Homicide Investigation® Seminar:
Tactics, Procedures, and Forensic Techniques

3-Day Seminar includes the Practical Homicide Investigation, 4th Edition text book, and the PHI Checklist and Fieldguide.

Purpose of the Seminar
The purpose of The Practical Homicide Investigation ® Seminars is to provide practical conventional information to the officer in charge with the profound responsibility of conducting an intelligent homicide investigation.
Program Description
These seminars are intensive programs based upon the author's personal experience as a New York City Homicide Commander, author, lecturer and consultant in death investigations, extensive research of written materials in the field, and personal interviews and associations with experts in the sphere of forensic science and criminal investigation.

The course of instruction will cover the entire sequence of events which occur in a homicide. The program will then focus on practical tactics, procedures, and forensic techniques which can be employed in sound, efficient and professional homicide investigation.
At the conclusion of the seminar, participants will have acquired a greater understanding of their role of homicide investors and should be able to:
  • follow logical steps in the management of a homicide investigation
  • adequately document a case for future reference or court appearance
  • identify the various types of wounds and injuries which can result in homicide
  • be familar with homicide cases of a sexual nature
  • recognize the value of psychological profiling in the solving of homicide cases
Who Should Attend
Detectives, Crime Scene Investigators, Investigators recently assigned to Homicide Units, Prosecuting Attorneys, Chiefs, Sheriffs, and Officers in Charge of Investigations.
Seminar topics include:
  • Homicide Crime Scene
  • First Officer's Duties
  • Preliminary Investigation at the Scene: Detectives
  • Specific Investigative Duties at the Scene
  • Modes of Death
  • DNA - Genetic Fingerprinting
  • Sex Related Homicides and Deaths
  • Criminal Personality Profiling - Investigative Assessment
  • The Crime Scene Sketch
  • Homicide Crime Scene Search
  • Crime Scene Photographs
  • Managing the Homicide Investigation
  • News Media in Homicide Investigation

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