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Advanced Practical Homicide Investigation® Seminar

5-Day Advanced Seminar

Purpose of the Seminar
The Advanced PHI seminar, which includes three other experts in the fields of Interview and Interrogation, Forensic Pathology, Bloodstain Pattern Analysis and Major Case Investigation will further enhance and develop the skills you acquired in the Three-Day PHI seminar.

The attendee will be exposed to various equivocal death investigations and complex homicide cases involving missed opportunities investigative errors. There will also be practical examples of to apply advanced forensic techniques to the case by nationally renowned experts. Board Certified forensic pathologists will present the various medicolegal factors involved in death investigation. The section on Interview and Interrogation consists of preparing for and implementing effective strategies and techniques taught by a clinical psychologist who was the former Commander of Bureau of Criminal Investigation. In addition there will be an advanced discussion of Criminal Investigative Analysis and application of abnormal psychology to the investigative process.
Who Should Attend
This course is designed for homicide detectives, law enforcement officers, coroners and medical legal investigators, prosecutors, medical examiners and military investigative personnel involved in the response to and investigation of death scenes.
Seminar Topics Include
  • Advanced PHI Tactics and Techniques, Missed Investigations, Equivocal Death, Suicide and Wound pathology, and Serial Murder Investigations
  • Forensic Pathology and Medicolegal Death Investigation
  • Crime Scene Reconstruction and Blood Spatter Analysis
  • Criminal Personality Profiling and Crime Scene Analysis
  • Cold Case Homicide and Serial Murder Investigation
  • Forensic Science and its Application to Crime Scene Investigation
  • Interview and Interrogation: Tactics and Strategies
  • Officer Involved Shooting Incidents
Advanced PHI Instructors:

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